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Temporarily Closed

Dear Raindrops Families,


We currently are 85% complete with the construction project. We are anticipating being full speed ahead before the end of June if not sooner.

We are aggressively pursuing solutions to the project delays and will keep you informed the moment there is new information available.

We know the communication has been a little rough as there have been many surprises along the way. We are aware that the delays have caused some to speculate if/when we will reopen, but the answer is yes we will be reopening and ready for all new experiences. We will be keeping you posted.


By our next correspondence, we hope to have exciting news for the opening date.


Please feel free to book new parties, parties booked online for dates August through December will receive a 30% discount off the total price, this is a limited promotion, standard deposit fee applies.

Thank you for all your patience and support!

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