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Raindrops Playhouse Rules


  • Raindrops Playhouse grip socks required, they can be purchased at checkout or reused from a prior visit (Effective 11/1/23).

  • Shoes are not allowed on any cushion flooring area, this includes parents.

  • Waiver is required, we suggest filling out online prior to coming in to speed up check in process.

  • Outside food and drinks are allowed (Effective 1/2/24).

  • We do not limit play time, but we do not allow re-entry.

  • No parties allowed in seating areas. 

  • No party items such as presents, cake, goody bags, cupcakes etc. will be allowed in the facility without a party reservation.

  • There must be a parent or guardian over the age of 18 in the facility at all times. Supervision of children is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian. We are not a drop off center. Parents/Guardians are responsible for their children’s behavior while playing.

  • Comfortable clothes are recommended, absolutely no shoes may be worn on play structures.

  • Please no face-paint or costume make-up when visiting.

  • No pets are allowed inside.

  • We do not issue refunds for unused online tickets or after you have entered the play area.

  • No helium balloons (this includes party rooms)

  • You are welcome to enter the facility 15 minutes before your scheduled party to decorate, but do not invite your guests to arrive before your scheduled party time as they will not be allowed in. Please see party room rules regarding decorations.

  • This is a family friendly facility.

 Party Room Rules

  • We do allow outside food in party rooms with reservations. We do not allow food preparation in the room, please no crockpots, plug in devices or warming devices. No glass containers.

  • We do allow outside beverages. Outside beverages must be self-contained ex: capri suns, juice boxes, cans of soda (no glass containers). 

  • No silly string, confetti, glitter or pinatas.

  • No helium filled balloons. 

  • Decorations are permitted but are limited to self-standing and table decor as we do not allow items to be taped and or tacked to the walls.

  • We do not recommend ice cream or ice cream cake as we have no freezer storage for it.

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